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Croakey – a website renovator’s dream

The Australian public health blog Croakey has been at the forefront of public health debate for several years. It was initially hosted by, as one of a number of blogs on that news site, but as it grew in popularity and prominence, Croakey began to outgrow its host platform. At the beginning of this year, I was […]

Have your data got a visual story to tell?

Have you ever looked at a large table of data or some uninspiring, unreadable chart or graph and wondered what it was about? Have you thought whether what you’re looking at is telling the real story or selectively representing data to make a particular point or emphasis? Does the data look confusing or just plain […]

Designing from nature – the nature of design

One of my favourite job requests, as a graphic designer, is being asked to create a logo for a business or organisation. Most logos develop into ‘identities’. They rarely take the form of just a symbol, but are a combination of typography, colours, symbols, styles and other elements. Developing a logo is one of the most rewarding aspects of my […]