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Twitter – biting the hand that feeds it

Forget about Angry Birds, many Twitter users are really angry about the changes the company has made over the last few months – some would argue since its debut on the New York Stock Exchange back in November, 2013. It’s about sharing For a lot of users, the most profound change that Twitter has made has only just happened – the […]

We need an Indigenous map app

My partner and I are about to embark on a month-long return trip from NSW to Perth and the Gascoyne. It will be my first trip to WA. As with any roadtrip, I’ll be checking the maps and apps for directions and interesting places to see along the way. Having recently acquired a Map of […]

If you’ve got a creative thirst, then I recommend some “Googlejuice”

“Googlejuice? That’s the magic elixir you drink when Google values you more because the world values you more.” Jeff Jarvis Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis), journalism academic, blogger at and author of great books on the internet and social media including Public Parts, Gutenberg The […]