If you’ve got a creative thirst, then I recommend some “Googlejuice”

Googlejuice? That’s the magic elixir you drink when Google values you more because the world values you more.” Jeff Jarvis

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis), journalism academic, blogger at http://buzzmachine.com and author of great books on the internet and social media including Public Parts, Gutenberg The Geek and What Would Google Do? (WWGD?). Jeff’s talk was entertaining, informative and, for me, timely.

Reading WWGD? introduced me to a lot of great ideas including the concept of “Googlejuice”.

It’s hard to summarise the book in a few sentences but I’ll quote from the book’s cover to give you an idea:
Google is not just a company … it is an entirely new way of thinking …’ Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail.


Key ingredients

There’s LOADS of discussion and philosophical ideas on a wide range of topics. Jeff manages to inject plenty of humour, particularly in some of his chapter and section headings.

Here are some of his headings that stand out – some controversial, some common sense, all worthy.

  • Do what you do best and link to the rest
  • Decide what business you’re in
  • Everybody needs Googlejuice
  • Your customers are your ad agency
  • Join the open-source gift economy
  • The mass market is dead, long live the mass of niches
  • Life is a beta
  • Free is a business model
  • Simplify, simplify
  • God and Apple: Beyond google? (my favourite)

Or, how about Google Cola, Google Real Estate and Googlewood. These titles represent some of the hypothetical case studies of businesses and organisations, from governments and large corporations to high street traders and individuals, which make up the latter half of the book.

It’s an illuminating read.


My career as graphic designer has included a lot of web design and development.

But, with the availability of many free platforms for setting up websites, I’ve found my creative web work dwindling.

I still build websites but the creative work has been replaced by installing and customising open-source CMS installations – in other words, doing less creative and more coding.

I’ve been thirsty for inspiration and direction.

First sip

Taking on board what I’ve read in WWGD? and getting more active on Twitter has given me new energy to review my business, and look at fresh opportunities for its growth and development.

It gives me great satisfaction to share with my clients what I learn about the Internet. I will be making this a priority through my website, social media and in my direct dealings with clients.

Do yourself a favour and try some of Jeff Jarvis’s “Googlejuice” – What Would Google Do?

• This is my inaugural blog. Let me know what you think, or if you’ve any Googlejuice-style insights to share. Next, I plan to cover…Website basics – the shifting goal post.